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Oct 3, 2007

Convincing upper management to support blogs is a major accomplishment for the New Media Evangelist — but it only the first of many steps necessary to create a successful blogging program.  One of the most interesting little speedbumps that I’ve hit recently is some management-level misconceptions about the level-of-effort required to support one’s own blog.

First of all, I’m not saying that a blog requires little work…it is something that at times will be time consuming.  But, the question is how that chosen blogger views that time.

Because bloggers are born, not made.  They are writers who are compelled to share their thoughts with the world.  They are people who walk around, looking at everything that they encounter as potential fodder for their blog.  They are driven to write, and they do not see this activity as a burden.

You cannot take someone who doesn’t want to write and force them to be a blogger.  That is tantamount to torture.  You need to find the frustrated writer, the employee who is always sending out emails with links to great articles, the person who loves to share their notes from conferences — actually the person who has been blogging all along…but they never knew it.  Once you find that person, then you have the makings of a corporate blogger.

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