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RingMaster: Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the Heavyweight Championship of the wooooooorrrrrrld!

In this corner, weighing in at 225 pounds is the challenger…Social Media.

And in the other corner, tipping the scales at a whopping 310 pounds, the undisputed , six-time champion of the world….Control Freak.

Announcer: Welcome to Madison Square Garden folks. We’ve got a good one for you. Let’s get started.

SFX: Ding.

Announcer: Social Media and Control Freak meet in the middle of the ring, where they dance around a little. Control Freak appears to be ignoring Social Media, until the challenger throws out a blog, which is knocked down with a simple call to an IT manager. Control Freak then counters with a dose of paranoia, to which Social Media just rolls his eyes.

Control Freak hits Social Media right in the Facebook with a dose of skepticism, which doesn’t appear to hurt the challenger until it is followed with a powerful demand for an ROI Analysis. The blow staggers the challenger and the champ goes in for the kill.

But Social Media isn’t willing to go down so easily. Using a strategy called rope-a-dope, Social Media leans against the velvet ropes, protecting himself with his arms and gloves. Control Freak hits him with everything he’s got: cliches, exaggerated risks, and outright threats. But Social Media is patient, letting Control Freak hit him with everything that he has — wasting even more energy. Control Freak reaches deep into his remaining energy and throws a crushing “Have you run this by our legal folks yet? Social Media simply deflects the punch with a Corporate New Media Policy. Control Freak is spent.

Social Media springs off of the ropes with a vengeance. He hits Control Freak with a combination of opinion, dialog, and time-shifted media. He follows with a series of folksonomy, wisdom of crowds, and the long tail. Lastly, as the champion’s legs begin to buckle, Social Media unleashes a torrent of transparency, trust, and influence. The barrage is too much for the Control Freak, who slumps to the ground, down for the count.

KO: Social Media

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