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Oct 16, 2007

Customers come in all flavors. For corporations, they are the people who open their wallets and exchange their cash for your products and services. For bloggers, they are readers; for the podcaster, they are listeners or viewers. Add New Media channels into the corporate world and these distinctions frequently blur, as paying customers also fall into the other categories.

During the course of the day, customers make thousands of decisions. They choose which road to take to work in the morning, which Starbuck’s to stop at, or which newspaper article to read, etc… And each one of these decisions involves a “Moment of Truth,” when something happens in a customer’s mind and they end up choosing something.
I’ve found that focusing on specific Moments of Truth (MOT) reveals very interesting business knowledge. An MOT analysis starts with asking questions like:

  • Why do customers sign your purchase orders?
  • Why do people return your calls?
  • Why do people adopt technologies?

The opposite set of questions also needs to also be asked:

  • Why don’t people sign your purchase orders?
  • Why don’t they return your phone calls?
  • Why won’t they adopt new technologies?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be running a series called, “Moments of Truth,” in which I take a look at the decisions that customers make with regards to New Media. In the mean time, what are your customer’s MOTs?

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