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New Media is so often associated with Marketing that it’s easy to overlook its infinite other uses. For example, what about New Media behind the firewall?

Corporations of all sizes have information that isn’t for public consumption — information that resides safely on the company’s Intranet. Perhaps you want to distribute a presentation on a competitor’s pricing strategies? Or, what about rolling out product training for your Sales Team? Maybe you want to share development information throughout the entire R&D team?

The advantage of using New Media technologies behind the firewall centers on a perceived risk-factor. Not all corporations are comfortable with the transparency and authenticity requirements of producing successful New Media — especially on the public side of the firewall. But if that same company tries experimenting on its private Intranet, its perceived risk is much lower.

Last week I was speaking with the Director of Human resources for a large company. We talked about the impact of New Media, and the different ways that it can be used to educate, inform, and entertain. She then hit me with an “Ah-ha!” moment.

She described her job in a very interesting way — to market Employee Benefits to a target market a few thousand clients. Her products include things such as 401K plans and medical benefits. Her responsibilities include educating her “clients” about choices with regards to Vision Plans, Dental Plans, and suggestions for containing the rising cost of prescription medications. Today, she performs her job using PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word, and email blasts, but she thinks she can do so much better.

For example, what if she could put together short, informal videos? What if she had an internal blog or podcast, where she could discuss things in a timely manner? What if she could open up a dialog with her “clients,” gathering feed feedback though the use of comments?

New media Marketing is not limited to the external marketing. It is a new way to interact with other people.

If you are a New Media Evangelist, working for a company that’s not quite ready for public uses of New Media, try suggesting that they play behind the firewall. Perhaps after a few successful internal experiments, they’ll be willing to go outside to play.


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