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Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of listening to Chris Brogan work the crowd at a SoCal Action Sports Network event. It’s always great to see Chris who is by far one of the smartest and nicest people you’ll ever meet.

The meeting was held at the Oakley headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California. The building’s architecture is unique, reminding me of a dwelling for either Batman or Mad Max.

Unfortunately, whatever ambiance the architecture added to the event was overshadowed by the sound system in the futuristic 400-seat amphitheater. For some reason, an odd delay made it sound as if two Chris Brogans were mouthing the same words about 50 milliseconds apart. Trust me when I say that you only need to hear one Chris Brogan at a time!

I recorded the talk with my Flip camera and did my best to make the audio more intelligible. I think that it’s passable, so here is the video for your viewing pleasure.

Since the presentation is almost an hour long, I’ve also added notes to the video. Want to jump to a specific part? Just mouse-over the little dots to see my notes.

Lastly, here are my Top Ten Broganisms from the talk:

1. “I ask Twitter everything because they’re smarter than me. There’s more of them out there.”

2. “The how-to market on YouTube and other platforms…moves millions of videos.”

3. “Facebook is not a place to blurt out your stupid message. No one gives a shit about your product as much as you do. Stop it! …It’s not about your stupid product; it never was. It’s about empowering people. It’s about making them feel badass when they are using your product. It is never about your stupid product. You just think that it is because you have to sell it. And it’s really hard to tell your boss that it’s not about your product.”

4. “Here is the magic trick of Social Media: I don’t have to listen to your stupid message. I can unfriend you. I can unfollow you.”

5. On traditional “push” marketing: “I have this really gross analogy. It’s like when I reach out to shake your hand and you put your tongue in my mouth.”

6. “Be there BEFORE the sale.”

7. “I love negative feedback because I learn from it.”

8. On pageviews: “Getting more audience doesn’t count. Getting an audience that does something is the trick.”

9. Question: What do you think of linking your Twitter account to your Facebook account? Answer: “I hate it. I think it is impolite.”

10. “If you’re not using TweetDeck; you’re not using Twitter.”


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