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Mar 31, 2009


Last week, while having breakfast with David Jacobs of Connected World Media, the topic of Shaquille O’Neal and his use of of Twitter came up. David explained how Shaq uses this new media channel to reach out and touch people…or more accurately…having them reach out and touch him. Shaq is using Twitter as some sort of live, interactive, scavenger hunt game.

For example, here is a tweet that I found from Wednesday March 25th. (Note: Shaq’s use of the 140 character limitation is creative and poetic.)

THE_REAL_SHAQ: I have oe ticket laft at will call under twitter, first one there its yurs just say twitter

Now, how is THAT for a call-to-action, marketeers? Shaq, the most physically dominating center in the history of the NBA (which is tough for this Celtics fan to say),  left a ticket at the Will Call booth and the first person who asks for those tickets under the name “Twitter” gets them.

It’s Fun. It’s Retweetable. It’s a Call-to-action…And it’s brilliant!

Thursday the 26th I witnessed another Random Act of Shaqness (complete with timestamps):

THE_REAL_SHAQ: Anybody in portland touches me rt now will get two tickets I’m at redstar cafe 16:23

MMIRKIL: @THE_REAL_SHAQ I’ll take ’em! I’m two blocks away! 16:25

THE_REAL_SHAQ: @mmirkil u better hurry 16:26

THE_REAL_SHAQ: And the winner is @cbakes and @dondondon and @mmirkil 16:29

MMIRKIL: Going to see Shaq battle the Trailblazers tonight, courtesy of the Big Aristotle himself. Woo-hoo! 16:44

THE_REAL_SHAQ: 100 people n the prtland area just came for tickets wow portland twitterers r niiiiiice 16:53

Look closely at the timestamps. Exactly 6 minutes after he tweets his challenge, three people earn their prizes. For those who are overly focused on ROI, let’s do a cost-benefit analysis.

For a total cost of 6 tickets + 89 text characters + 6 minutes of waiting, Shaq has:

  1. Created buzz about an upcoming game
  2. Added to his personal brand
  3. Made the NBA look new, hip, and fun
  4. Gave three people a story that they’ll tell their friends for years.

The NBA needs to hire Shaq as its head of all marketing because he “gets it.”

What can your company do that is fun, retweetable, AND is a call-to-action?

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Don’t call me Kristie! | RonAmok!
June 11, 2009

Shaq is great. I've met him numerous times, mostly during the years when we were both in LA. He is a genuine and friendly giant, and actually doesn't get enough credit for all the great things he does (and not just for the NBA!).

January 27, 2010

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