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The biggest hurdle that most companies must overcome when adopting New Media is accepting the fact that that they no longer control their brand. I’ve found that most executives hold so tightly onto this misconception that they totally miss the point of New Media. If you are working within one of these companies, keep your head on a swivel.

For some reason, these companies still think that we have to listen to them. For some reason, they still believe that they can spam-and-cram, blasting emails into our overflowing inboxes and cramming advertising down our throats.

They haven’t yet figured out that we now have the technologies to ignore them. We have remote controls that allow us to use our opposable thumbs to fast forward through their stupid commercials. We use RSS to subscribe to ONLY the content that we want. And we refuse to join their self-serving communities because we have our own, thank you very much.

The power has shifted into our favor and we are walling these companies out. Brick-by-brick, technology-by-technology, and community-by-community, we are building carefully-crafted barriers so that we can determine what we watch, when we watch it, and under what circumstances. We no longer have to endure their pop-up ads, teasers, contests, or bait-and-switches, because we now have the power.

But, here’s the rub. Just because we don’t have to listen, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to. We still love your products and services. We still love your brand. If you are willing to talk with us instead of at us, we’ll invite you onto the other side of the wall where you are welcome to stay as long as you behave.  On the other hand, if you arrive spewing canned marketing phrases, quoting executive-babble out of press releases, or demanding that we join your self-serving community, we’re gonna give you a time-out–escorting you back through the wall to contemplate your actions.

The behavioral choice it yours. The decision is ours.

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