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Last week, I met with a prospect who proclaimed, “Twitter will be dead in six months. You can’t say anything of value in 160 characters.” Putting aside his 14.3 percent character-count inflation, I can’t blame him for his conclusion. Without ever having used Twitter, how could he possibly conceive of any value that might be derived from broadcasting nano-messages?

He just doesn’t understand that audience is an asset. He doesn’t understand that the reward for investing time and money into building an online audience comes when you ask that audience for help–whether it comes in the form of answering a question, sampling a product, or making a purchase.

* * *

Last week, Firefox froze on my Mac. Had it happened on a PC, I would have resolved the problem through the tried-and-true CTRL-ALT-DEL method to kill the process. Being somewhat of a Mac nOOb, I couldn’t figure out how to do it on my MacBook. I wanted a quick answer, so I decided to ask Twitter by sending the following tweet:

@ronploof (1:20 p.m): I know how to kill a process in Windows if an app hangs. How does one do so on a Mac?

Within the one minute, I had three responses:

@WickedGood:@ronploof Open up Activity Monitor under Utilities, choose the task that you want to kill, and click the “kill process” button.

@SpiderVideo: @ronploof force quit fron finder, click apple in top left

@imnico: @ronploof cmd + alt + esc, or Force Quit on the Apple menu on the top left

Within the next three minutes I had three more, one serious and the other two more tongue-in-cheek:-)

@jasontucker: @ronploof activity monitor. Kill process. Or command line style via terminal.

@mayorkl: @ronploof bring it to a Mac store, pay $100, and they’ll tell you to turn the computer off and then back on again. They’re awesome like that

@jeremyMeyers: @ronploof hope you unix

By the end of twelve minutes, the final two (one serious and the other facetious) had arrived for a total of eight.

@SRSLabs: @ronploof Have you tried right-clicking on the icon in the dock at the bottom of your screen and then selecting ‘Force Quit’?

@pmarriott: @ronploof I find the only reliable way to kill a process in windows is to pull the battery or power cord (or both) 😉 Guess it works for Mac

* * *

Twitter is a database of opportunities. It’s a lead generator, a coffee shop filled with helpful people, and a support site. Ask it questions and it will return answers.

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