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Mar 19, 2010

When I started my first company back in 1994, I remember the “advice” that people gave me:

  • Customers won’t beat a path to your doorstep
  • You must spend money to make money
  • You need a logo
  • You need a fax machine, telephone, mailing address, and business cards
  • You need to buy advertising
  • You need to get press coverage

Sixteen years later, the professional communicators are still chanting the same mantra, omitting new options such as:

  • we now have access to digital communications technologies that reach internationally–for a nominal hosting fee.
  • we now have access to our own international radio stations (podcasting) for nominal hosting fees.
  • we now have access to our own international television stations (YouTube)–for FREE
  • we now have access to a worldwide focus group that can be observed through–for FREE
  • we now have one of the largest companies in the world, Google, that will not only cut digital pathways to our doorsteps, but it will pave them, drawing customers directly to us– for FREE

Are you still driving your 2010 communications plans using 1994 advice?

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