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Dec 22, 2010

New media blurs the lines between delivering messages to the marketplace (marketing), influencing the influencers (PR), and transacting business (sales), because online audiences now have:

  1. access to more real-time information than at any other time in history
  2. control over the messages that they receive
  3. access to trusted influencers through their online connections

The role of the prospect in the business cycle has changed.

The rapid adoption of new/social media technologies has initiated a shift in how prospects interact with their vendors. In the past, prospects stumbled upon corporate advertisements, trade-show booths, and articles that their PR departments pitched to journalists. Today, those same prospects play a much more active role. They initiate the sales process through fingertip-access to real-time databases and networks of trusted sources who love to help their friends.

Most companies still aren’t ready for this new prospect. Is yours? Ask yourself the following question:

“When prospects are searching for solutions that my company offers, have we done enough to earn a referral from either their friends (online networks) or Google (search)?”

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