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Feb 18, 2011

Most executives make social media out to be more complicated than necessary. Rather than looking at the enormous benefits that these channels bring to their organizations, most senior managers spend more time looking for flaws than actually learning how to apply them. In essence, they look the proverbial gift-horse in the mouth.

For some reason, the same professionals who get all weak-kneed while contemplating access to generic audiences

  • over 100 million Superbowl viewers
  • 20 million “Dancing with the Stars” viewers
  • 12.2 million people who read the top 25 newspapers

…are the same folks who pooh-pooh the access that social mediums offer to niche audiences of people who actually care about their products and services.

Take Coca-Cola for example. At 22.4 million fans and counting, the Coca-Cola Facebook Fan Page carries access to:

  • almost twice the audience of combining the circulation numbers for the top 25 newspapers in the United States,
  • almost one-quarter of the total of Superbowl viewers.

But there’s a big difference between these audiences. Rather than having to pay for 25 full-page ads or $3 million per 30-second spot, Coca-Cola’s Facebook page offers year-round access to its audience for…well…a lot cheaper:-)

All audiences have value. But until execs understand that the value of their own online channels can rival those that have historically been rented from others, their abilities to understand social media will continue to be limited.

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