The adventures of an analog engineer and digital storyteller who studies emerging networks and their impact on the great game of business.

This summer, I started writing a book called The Rule of Thumbs. Named after a blog post that I wrote ten months ago, the book covers the research that I’ve been conducting since I wrote Read This First.

While writing, I came across an amazing success story that demonstrated some of the book’s most important principles. The story involves a young musician by the name of Julia Nunes, who used social media to raise $78,000 US in thirty days–for her yet-to-be-recorded CD!

The story demonstrated so many of the book’s concepts that I wanted to release a case study immediately. The result is the following e-book: The Rule of Thumbs.

Please feel free to download a copy in your favorite electronic format: PDF, Kindle, iPad, or EPUB. The e-book is free and requires no annoying sign-up shenanigans.

Please let me know what you think of it!


Wonderful e-book.  Captures what everyone intuitively knows is the next step in the evolution of social media but that hasn’t been articulated.

September 8, 2011

Once again Ron has educated us about the “brave new world” we “aging baby boomers” are struggling to understand.  The power of the “Propensity Network” he describes is an amazing phenomenon that the younger generation intuitively understands, but that we traditionalists tip toe about.  Now the task is for a variety of traditional businesses to experiment, fail, regroup, start again, and hopefully gain a deeper and more profound understanding of the possibilities of a truly remarkable revolution occurring in our midst.  Well done again Ron.

Michael Natelson
September 8, 2011
Ron, didn’t you copyright this?!

September 15, 2011

Hey, that’s the BindMate GCX Model II, as I described it in The Edison
Effect…published in 1995! I guess I was ahead of my time:-)

September 15, 2011

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