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While driving home last fall, I noticed that a company called Microsemi had moved into the area. I was pretty excited because Microsemi is a world-wide semiconductor manufacturer whose product-line falls into the sweet-spot of my technical knowledge as an analog/mixed-signal circuit designer.

I went online to learn that the building that I saw represented their new corporate headquarters. I learned that they were growing, having acquired twelve additional semiconductor companies over the past three years–who each brought some pretty cool technologies with them. After a few more mouse-clicks, I also noticed that the company had a very small social media presence. Thinking that this might be Kismet (like how many analog/mixed signal companies with cool new technologies yet very little social media presence can I expect to move into the area?), I decided to write a report, on spec, complete with specific recommendations on how the company might use its online properties to better communicate with its customers–electrical engineers.

I wrote the report and snail-mailed a hardcopy to a Microsemi contact with whom I’d been introduced through a mutual colleague. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. No complaints. Such are the risks of spec research.

However, as I shared the report with a few friends, it occurred to me that independent of the subject-company’s name on the report, the document contained relevant information for any high-tech, B2B company who is considering the use of online publishing platforms. So, rather than having this report remain lost forever on my hard-drive, I decided to share it with my readers.

If you work for a B2B company in a high-tech industry, you should read this report: Microsemi Corporation: Online Properties Analysis and Recommendations. Perhaps it’ll help provide a new perspective by which to evaluate your own online properties.

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