The adventures of an analog engineer and digital storyteller who studies emerging networks and their impact on the great game of business.

Sometimes life comes full-circle.

My social media journey began ten years ago with the creation of a storytelling podcast called Griddlecakes Radio. I wrote my first RonAmok blog post in 2007, started a consulting firm in 2008, published a social media book in 2009, and ended up managing social media for one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world.

Much has changed in that decade. The concept of “social media” has transformed from an annoyance that companies could ignore to playing a vital role in their communications mixes. Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, once the playgrounds of college kids and early-adopters, have grown to become commonplace. And as these social platforms grew into publicly traded companies, they changed their business models from growth through organic reach to revenue through paid reach. Yet, while these services throttled organic reach in favor of sponsored posts, the organic reach activities of enterprises haven’t kept up.

And that’s where my life has come full-circle.

“There is no greater power on this earth than story.”
? Libba Bray

Enterprises must learn how to harness the most powerful communications force in the universe to transform their messages into narratives. I founded The StoryHow Institute to meet this need.

Ten years ago, I joined a communications revolution through creating Griddlecakes Radio: Exploring the Lost Art of Audio Storytelling. Today, I’m excited to announce that I’ve founded The StoryHow™ Institute: The Art of Story in the Language of Business. While there, check out The StoryHow™ PitchDeck.

I’m very excited about this new quest. Want to accompany me?

Then, let’s slay some dragons together.


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