The adventures of an analog engineer and digital storyteller who studies emerging networks and their impact on the great game of business.

Read This First

They are all looking to you…

  • Upper Management wants a Social Media plan.
  • PR wants permission to Twitter.
  • Marketing wants to create a Facebook fan page.
  • Customer Support wants to blog.
  • Information Technology wants budget to support streaming video.
  • And all you want is someone to explain this New Media/Social Media/Web 2.0 stuff in plain business language.

If you are struggling with your answers, then you need to Read This First!

This book captures the perfect mix of humor, reality and no nonsense examples that every executive can relate to. It made me cheer and laugh, all the while making me want to buy copies for all of my clients and potential clients.

C.C. Chapman

The challenge with social media is not how to use the tools—any recent college graduate or goateed under-employed social media consultant can do that. The problem is getting your corporate culture to change. READ THIS FIRST talks about business results and the political challenges you will face as you do it.

John Wall

Like many PR professionals, my gut instinct tells me that social media will transform how businesses communicate to their customers. This book confirms that assumption and helped me get my head around how it will be accomplished. Social media is a new and constantly changing medium for businesses to learn and take advantage of, and I think it would help the uninitiated to read this book not just first but TWICE.

Mike Kilroy

Note: Read This First will be released in November 2009 and will be available in all major bookstores. In the mean time, the audio version of the book is being released one chapter at a time, free of charge, as a podcast. Please feel free to subscribe to the podcast, download the chapters, or just listen to it through the following player.

Chapter 1: The Economics of Influence


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