The adventures of an analog engineer and digital storyteller who studies emerging networks and their impact on the great game of business.

Hire Ron To Speak

Ron Ploof combines his passion for business, digital media, and storytelling to educate and entertain executives about social media. The difference between Ron and other “social media” speakers is the combination of his 25 years of business experience with five years of experience publishing online text, audio, and video. Instead of seeing social media one-dimensionally through the sole lens of marketing, PR, or community management, Ron discusses the impact social media adoption has on other departments including MIS, sales, customer support and human resources.

Sample Discussion Topics

  • Audience is an Asset is Ron’s most recent presentation, where he offers executives a way to look at the value of social media as an asset that should be carried on the corporate balance sheet instead of on a P&L statement.
  • Blogging for Executives: This one hour session helps executives understand why every company needs a blog.
  • Video is the New Poweroint: Online video is one of the fastest growing digital content areas. This session offers examples on how to produce video that is both effective and affordable.
  • 10 Step Social Media Strategy: This simple, 20 minute presentation discusses the ten steps that every company must do to execute a social media strategy–independently of the tools/channels chosen.
  • Flower Power: This a half-hour presentation examines how four companies in the $19 billion florist industry (two Mom & Pop shops and two behemoths) use social media to sell flowers.
  • The Ranger Station Fire: Adapted from Ron’s popular whitepaper by the same name, this presentation offers a step-by-step analysis on how the Ford Motor Company used Twitter to extinguish a Public Relations fire in less than 24 hours.
  • The Musician and the Manufacturer: Adapted from Ron’s most recent whitepaper, the presentation performs an analysis of how a local guitar manufacturer drafted off of the popularity of a viral video to get over 300,000 of its own video views.
  • Johnson & Johnson Does New Media: Think your company is too old, too big, or your industry is too regulated to use New Media? Consider how this 123 year old $64 Billion dollar pharmaceutical company is using it successfully.