The adventures of an analog engineer and digital storyteller who studies emerging networks and their impact on the great game of business.

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The Rule of Thumbs: Marketing in the Age of Social Networks(2011)
The Rule of Thumbs





Awesome August:
How NewBlue, Inc used social media to increase sales and add new customers during its slowest month of the year (2013)
Case Study of NewBlue Inc's Social Media Marketing Campaign
Microsemi® Corporation:
Online Properties Analysis and Recommendations (2012)
Microsemi Online Properties Analysis
The Musician and the Manufacturer:
How Taylor Guitars rode on the news wave created by Dave Carrol’s United Breaks Guitars (2010)
The Musician and the Manufacturer
Johnson & Johnson Does New Media:
Lessons from a 123 year old, $64 billion, New Media Innovator (2009)
J&J Does New Media
The Ranger Station Fire:
How Ford Motor Company Used Social Media to Extinguish a PR fire in less than 24 hours (2008)
The Ranger Station Fire




One Page Strategy Document: This is a worksheet (with instructions) that helps companies plan their social media strategies. It also serves as a very simple way to explain social media efforts to upper management.
OC New Media's One Page Strategy Document